The New Jersey Devil

The Seen and the Unseen - On a Break From Snooki The Jersey Devil Hides Out in Oklahoma

The Jersey Devil is one of the scariest American paranormal tales. The Seen and The Unseen drove through the Pine Barrens of Jersey, the Devil’s supposed hangout, last summer; and let us tell you, it lives up to its creepy reputation.

Darren Bousman's The Barrens Hits Cannes with a New Poster

With his roadshow for The Devil's Carnival in the spotlight, we'd almost forgotten about Darren Bousman's The Barrens, but Voltage Pictures is in Cannes with it and has released a new poster for the film about a man who becomes convinced his family is being stalked by the Jersey Devil.

First Images Escape From The Barrens

With AFM gearing up, you can expect lots of stills and sales art to be coming at you hard and heavy this November 2nd-9th, but the first out of the gate is Darren Lynn Bousman's new flick The Barrens. Check out the eye candy!

Darren Bousman Shares a Photo from the Set of The Barrens

And another photo from the set of a currently in production project got our attention tonight thanks to the magic of Twitter. Darren Lynn Bousman posted an image from The Barrens on his feed, and we have to say the star of the scene in question is quite a looker!

Three More Enter Darren Bousman's Barrens

And the casting news continues for Darren Lynn Bousman's latest film based upon the legend of the New Jersey Devil, The Barrens. Read on to find out who's next!

Victims Line Up to Enter The Barrens

Get excited, kids. The cast for Darren Lynn Bousman's latest film based upon the legend of the New Jersey Devil, The Barrens, is shaping up quite nicely! Read on for details.

True Blood's Stephen Moyer to Meet The Jersey Devil in The Barrens

Let's face it ... sucking on Sookie? It's getting a little old so we're happy to see vampire Bill stretch his legs a bit by taking on yet another mythological creature ... The Jersey Devil! Read on for details.

Darren Bousman to Take Us to The Barrens

Word of yet another exciting new project coming out of Cannes today ... As a Northeasterner, it was impossible to get away from the legend of the Jersey Devil of the Pine Barrens. While a few movies have attempted to capture the story's spookiness, none has really succeeded.