The Monster Channel

The Monster Channel Goes Mobile VOD

For several years now the online destination known as The Monster Channel had all sorts of neat things going on if you were smart enough to be paying attention. Now, industry staple Joe Sena and company are taking things to an exciting new level!

What Are You Doing This Friday Night? Try The Monster Channel's Lunchmeat VHS Rewind Theater!

Has your weekend become a bit slow? Have those nights that used to be all party, all the time slowed a bit? Are you looking for something to do, perhaps starting on the upcoming Friday the 13th of January? We've told you about it before, but now it's going live - The Monster Channel has you covered with Lunchmeat VHS Rewind Theater!

The Monster Channel Set to Stream a Dozen Camp Motion Pictures Films in 2012

Are you at all a fan of late 1980s SOV (“shot on video”) horror films? If so, your ears should perk up at this latest news that The Monster Channel has signed a deal to stream over a dozen feature titles in 2012 from the various video labels of Camp Motion Pictures.

The Monster Channel Takes You Back to the 80's

For many of you (myself included) the 80's holds a special place in your heart. The decade that saw VCRs going into most every home and video stores popping up on every corner brought us a whole new world of horror. Suddenly we could devour everything in our genre, whether we ordered it out of the back of Fangoria or found it at our favorite video store (Aardvark Video).

The Monster Channel Broadcasting Live From HorrorHound All Weekend!

Last year the folks at Fourth Castle Micromedia, home of FearWerx and EMCE Toys, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the monster movie with a special weekend-long marathon of horror movies hosted LIVE from the HorrorHound Weekend convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Ms. Monster Presents Die You Zombie Bastards! Live, Tonight, Free on The Monster Channel

As you surely know, the 100 Years of Monster Movies website officially transitioned into a 24/7 online channel of B-movie badness, classic horror/suspense TV shows, trailers, music videos and more.