The Horror Channel

UK's Horror Channel to Do The Devil's Business and Get Stiff this May!

Heading into May, the UK's Horror Channel have a number of impressive UK premieres up their sleeves - including Sean Hogan's terrifically chilling The Devil's Business (review here) and Keith Wright's touching and modest Harold's Going Stiff.

Exclusive: Horror Hostess Emily Booth Talks Acting, Directing, and Presenting

Any self-respecting horror aficionado living or spending time in the UK has most certainly laid his or her peepers on the delectable Emily Booth. The glamorous horror hostess and scream queen recently dropped by to chat about the past, present, and future of her varied career.

The UK to Experience Cruel Britannia This April

You know, several times a day we think about how cool it would be to open up shop across the pond so that we could easily be there for all of the great shit they have going on. Film4 Frightfest, great Blu-ray editions we get the shaft on here, the seductive usage of the word "randy" ... so very much to love.