The Haunting of Amelia

DVD and Blu-Ray Releases: December 28th - District 9 Comes With an Afterlife

It's another light week in horror title releases, but don't fret; the big name is out on a different form of media (hardcover book).

Trailer for A.D. Calvo's The Haunting of Amelia

One of the last direct-to-video horror releases of the year, A.D. Calvo's supernatural tale The Haunting of Amelia, hits store shelves next Tuesday, December 28th, courtesy of MTI Home Video; and if you've been wondering if it's worth setting aside some of your Christmas cash for it, here's the flick's trailer for you to check out.

DVD Art and Date for The Haunting of Amelia

Just after the holidays, on December 28th to be exact, MTI will be releasing A.D. Calvo's supernatural tale The Haunting of Amelia (a.k.a.The Other Side of the Tracks) onto DVD, and we've got a quick look at the cover art for ya! Chad Lindberg, Brendan Fehr, Tania Raymonde, Natassia Malthe and Beatrice Rosen star. Dig on the goods below. Synopsis