The Frankenstein Syndrome

Trailer Debut and Release Date - The Frankenstein Syndrome

Good. Bad. It doesn't matter. If Tiffany Shepis is in a movie, then we will be sure to watch it. Her next film out of the gate? American World Pictures' release of The Frankenstein Syndrome, and we've got a trailer and a release date for you!

Exclusive Gore Filled Stills: The Frankenstein Syndrome

Not content with just bringing you the cover art, we got our sharp little claws into several stills from American World Pictures' latest acquisition, The Frankenstein Syndrome (formerly The Prometheus Project), that are sure to scratch your gore itch!

Exclusive: American World Pictures Nabs Rights to The Frankenstein Syndrome

Some cool news coming in from American World Pictures. The company is continuing to flex its genre muscle by nabbing the worldwide rights to The Frankenstein Syndrome (formerly The Prometheus Project), and we've got a look at the artwork for you!