The Feed

Feed, The (2011)

Starring Seth Drick, Brianna Healey, Chip Facka, Jody Horn Directed by Steven Gibson

Shriekfest 2011: Exclusive Q&A With Filmmaker Steve Gibson

In co-writer/director Steve Gibson's cinéma vérité-style indie horror flick The Feed, we follow a wildly popular TV reality series called "Ghost Chasers" as it is celebrating its fourth year on the air. To commemorate the milestone, the members of the "Ghost Chasers" team have decided to broadcast their anniversary show out to the world live from the (fictional) historic and haunted Brenway Theatre in Pennsylvania.

The Feed Offers More First Person Horror

Get ready more more terror first-person style as yet another group of kids run afoul of spirits they never should have been screwing with in the first place. Are you ready to dig on The Feed?