The Devil Inside

MPAA Ratings Are In! Underworld Awakening, The Devil Inside, The Grey

Three upcoming genre films have finally received ratings for their theatrical runs, and we have the verdict along with the MPAA's reason for each delivered. Read on for the details.

A Holiday Greeting from The Devil Inside

With the holiday season officially at our doorsteps, what better way could there be to spread some Christmas fear other than by spending some time listening to and nurturing The Devil Inside us all?

Nun Too Scary Bus Shelter and Billboard Art for The Devil Inside

Speaking solely for myself, I have three irrational fears: heights, bugs, and worst of all nuns. They're just spooky, man, the way that they seem to float and stuff instead of walking. That being said, this new bit of bus shelter and billboard artwork for Paramount's The Devil Inside gave me a serious case of the creeps. Dig it!

New Devil Inside Still Puts You in the Exorcism

Ready for another late afternoon goodie from Paramount's The Devil Inside? Well then, sit back, put on your nightlight, squeeze your security blanket, and take a look!

Disturbing New Goodies From The Devil Inside

Strap in, kids. These two new goodies in promotion of Paramount's latest chiller The Devil Inside are likely to keep you in a complete state of distress for the remainder of your day. In other words ... they're awesome!

More Security Cam Stills - The Devil Inside

Paramount is being very deliberate when it comes to what they're releasing for the upcoming frightfest The Devil Inside, in hopes of less being more, and they're on the right track. Some new security camera screen-grabs have surfaced over at the official Facebook page for the flick, and we have every spooky pixel right here for you!

First TV Spot Surfaces for The Devil Inside

While flipping through the channels the other night, we saw what we thought was the tail end of the first TV spot for Paramount's upcoming The Devil Inside, and lo and behold we were right. So right that we now have the whole thing here for you to watch and enjoy!

Evil Abounds in Latest Image from The Devil Inside

And the spooky keeps getting piled on non-stop in terms of the dark things to come once The Devil Inside is released into theatres. Ready for another look? If not you can always say the devil made you do it!

Eye Catching New Image From The Devil Inside

A new image from Paramount's latest scare-fest, The Devil Inside, has quietly made its way online via the film's Facebook page, but don't worry, kids; nothing gets by us. Like Legion, we are many!

Latest Devil Inside Viral Home to Some Gruesome Surprises

If there's one thing that Paramount has become extremely adept at, it's creating cool ways of marketing their movies, and the goodies keep coming over on the official website for The Devil Inside.

Shapely First Image from The Devil Inside

Every single thing we see for Paramount Insurge's tale of demonic possession The Devil Inside makes us want to see it more and more. Need another fine example that will leave you with a chill running down your spine? Look no further!

Twisted Full Trailer for The Devil Inside

Over the weekend we brought you one of the most effective viral ads we've ever seen for Paramount Insurge's new film, The Devil Inside. It was brimming with spookiness for sure, but believe us when we tell you ... you ain't seen nothing yet!

Bone Chilling New Viral and Artwork - The Devil Inside

Here at Dread Central things rarely send a chill down our spines. It's hard not to be jaded, but every now and again something so effective comes along that does the deed. This is easily one of those times.

Make a New Date with Paramount's The Devil Inside

Looking forward to seeing Paramount's latest possession flick The Devil Inside? Well, we've got some great news for you! You're gonna be able to dig on this new faux documentary sooner rather than later!

Paramount Insurge to Reveal The Devil Inside

The devil, possession, and exorcisms continue to take up prime box office real estate in theatres for one simple reason - they make money and more times than not don't cost very much to make. Can you imagine a world with a big budget Michael Bay produced remake of The Exorcist complete with explosions? Thankfully, no one else can either or it probably would have been made already.