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Synopsis and Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.17 - Goodbye Stranger

"Supernatural" is on hiatus until March 20th, but it returns with not just one, but three of our favorite characters in Episode 8.17, "Goodbye Stranger," as Sam and Dean team up with Castiel and Meg against Crowley and his demons.

Cult Is on the Move to Friday Nights on The CW

We're not sure if this is a good thing or a sign that the show's in trouble, but The CW just announced that they are moving "Cult" immediately from Tuesday to Friday night. Read on for the details.

Interviews with the Cult Cast and a Preview of Episode 1.03 - Being Billy

The CW has posted some video interviews with the four main cast members of "Cult," and we have them for you right here along with a preview of next week's Episode 1.03, "Being Billy."

Producer's Preview of Tonight's Cult Episode 1.02 - In the Blood

Ready to dive back into the mystery that is The CW's "Cult" tonight? Be sure to check out this preview of the ep with creator Rockne S. O'Bannon discussing the show's complexities first!

Misha Collins Returning as a Regular for Supernatural Season 9

Good news for all of our fellow Castiel fans out there who want more of his other-worldly madness... TV Guide is reporting that Misha Collins is being re-promoted to series regular in Season 9 of "Supernatural." And the angels sing!

The CW Selects Israeli Actress Yael Grobglas for The Selection

The CW has been trying to get its Hunger Games-esque "The Selection" on the air since last year's pilot season, and now that they have a retooled script for this year, they've hired a new lead actress. Read on for the details.

Get Indoctrinated with New Promo Photos and Videos for The CW's Cult

Ready to spend some time hanging out with The CW's "Cult"? Good thing because the network has sent over a batch of new promo photos and videos for the show. Check it all out right here!

Official Synopsis of The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.16 - Bring It On

As we suspected, now that the cat's out of the bag with regard to Jeremy, Elena, and Bonnie's fates after last night's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," The CW has released the synopsis of the March 14th ep, "Bring It On."

The CW Continues Casting for The Tomorrow People and The Hundred Pilots

Horror on television has never been more popular, and if anyone knows this to be a complete and total fact, it's The CW. Speaking of which, some quick casting news has come in for two of the network's new pilots: "The Tomorrow People" and "The Hundred."

A Sneak Peek of Cult Episode 1.02 - In the Blood

Things are moving along in next week's episode of "Cult" on The CW, entitled "In the Blood," and we have a clip from the ep to share along with a preview. Have you decided to join this "Cult" yet?

Overnight Ratings for The Vampire Diaries Top ABC and NBC; Get a Preview of Episode 4.16 - Bring It On

Due to the events of last night's "The Vampire Diaries," The CW didn't release an early synopsis of the upcoming Episode 4.16, "Bring It On," yet, but we expect one soon. In the meantime here's a preview of what's coming on March 14th.

The CW Sets Robbie Amell as a Lead in its The Tomorrow People Pilot

We have some casting news for one of The CW's pilots as the network has placed another member of the Amell family in a prominent position on the network. Robbie Amell, cousin of "Arrow" star Stephen Amell, has been cast in a lead role in "The Tomorrow People."

Image Gallery and a Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 8.16 - Remember the Titans

"Supernatural" returns to one of this writer's favorite topics next week - mythology - with Episode 8.16, "Remember the Titans," and here are a preview, clip, and image gallery for the ep.

Official Synopsis for Cult Episode 1.04 - Get with the Program

So, after last night's series premiere, are you ready to join The CW's "Cult"? Still need to see more? We definitely do, and here's what's coming in Episode 1.04, "Get with the Program."

Casting News for The Vampire Diaries - Bonnie Gets a New Mentor

At last some casting news has arrived for "The Vampire Diaries" that doesn't involved its potential spinoff series, "The Originals." Read on for the details of who will be playing Bonnie's new mentor in an upcoming episode.