The Center for Disease Control

Something is Amiss: US Center for Disease Control Discussing Zombie Pandemic Preparedness

I wouldn't call myself an obsessive conspiracy theorist, but I'm always willing to listen. And sometimes the clues are simply too overwhelming to ignore. Case in point: The United States Department of Health and Human Services Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recently been discussing steps to take during a zombie apocalypse. How did "Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory" miss this?

The C.D.C. Teaches Us How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

We live in strange times. The US has hit the debt ceiling. Certain Christian groups are prepping for the Rapture (not the Blondie song). Donald Trump nearly threw his comb-over into the Presidential race. People actually pay the cast of "The Jersey Shore" to be their normal douchebag selves. And now? The actual C.D.C. has issued a Zombie Apocalypse survival guide on its website.